Past Papers – Unit 2 Poetry Across Time Higher

NOTE: Make sure that you check with your teacher which tier you are entered for: Foundation or Higher. These papers are for pupils entered into the Higher tier only.

Someone showed me this video and, whilst the little guy is a cute kid, he is also a wise one. The advice he gives to those learning to ride a bike is exactly the advice you need to follow to get your exam responses right on the day – “Practise! Practise! Practise!”

Year after year, those that practise their responses do better in the exam…

Here are the Unit 2 Poetry Across Time exam papers from the past 2 years. There are 2 papers here to try. Practice is the key to getting it right on the day. You could practise completing a whole paper in 1 hour and 15 minutes, or you could just practise individual questions.

You should spend 45 minutes completing your response to Section A, and 30 minutes answering the Section B question.

I’ve also uploaded the mark schemes for each paper, so you can have a go at marking it yourself – or you could get a friend or family member to mark it for you!

Practice makes perfect!

June 2011 – Higher question paper and mark scheme

January 2012 – Higher question paper and mark scheme

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2 thoughts on “Past Papers – Unit 2 Poetry Across Time Higher

  1. tamira says:

    so i did a practise exam using these questions and i got 25 marks but my teacher gave me a band 3/4. i dont understand i thought if i get 25 marks im meant to get band 5?

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